SOSTA TRE SANTI ETNA ROSÉ BRUT, Sparkling Wine Etna DOC, Tenute Nicosia

SOSTA TRE SANTI ETNA ROSÉ BRUT, Sparkling Wine Etna DOC, Tenute Nicosia

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Vintage 2018, Mouthpiece 2020.

Exclusive collection of classic method sparkling wines produced, in a limited edition, with only carefully selected grapes from the "Cru" of the Etna and Contrada Bonincontro vineyards.

The extraordinary versatility of Nerello Mascalese also allows the production of classic method rosé sparkling wines of absolute excellence. Like the new Sosta Tre Santi Etna Rosato Brut Millesimato with zero dosage, produced with selected grapes from the high lava terraces of the south-eastern side of the volcano. After about 20 months of aging on the lees in the bottle, we arrive at a rosé with an intense and brilliant color and a soft and persistent perlage.
Of great freshness, flavor and softness, it shows a wide and complex aromatic range that ranges from floral to fruity, from honeyed notes to sweet spices.

Grapes: Nerello Mascalese 100%.

Vineyards: Soils composed of volcanic sands, very rich in minerals.

Collection: Between the end of September and the beginning of October (approximately 12 days earlier than the harvest of the grapes destined for Etna Rosso).

Refinement: Stop for about 20 months on yeast and fine lees; followed by remuage, deburring, filling and packaging. Afterwards, it stays in the bottle for another 6 months before being released on the market.

Perlage: Fine, soft and with a long persistence.

Production method: Classic Method. The harvested grapes, after a short cold maceration in contact with the skins, are softly pressed and only the first pressing is intended for this product, with consequent yields of 50-60%. Fermentation lasts 3 weeks at a controlled temperature. The rosé base wine thus obtained remains in refinement in stainless steel tanks until the following spring, when it is bottled with the yeasts to start the second fermentation.

Alcoholic degree: 11,5% vol.

At the sight: Antique pink with coppery shades.

On the nose: Complex aroma, with sensations ranging from floral to red fruits to spices, hints of dried flowers, acacia honey, cinnamon and cloves.

On the palate: Warm and structured in the mouth, it has a nice freshness and a soft and elegant taste, in which the same honeyed and spicy notes can be felt on the nose. The great sapidity of mineral origin and the long persistence are striking.

Pairings: At the table it goes well with shellfish risotto, savory tuna-based dishes, stewed cod, but also with cured meats and semi-aged cheeses, roast beef, spiced meats and rabbit alla cacciatora.

Serve to: 6-8°C